1.     DRB: Call to order and introductions (Chair)

2.     Approve Minutes: October 8, 2014

3.     Public Comments

4.     Public Hearing Cases:  None

5.     Update: Design Guidelines Committee

6.     Update: DRB Website

7.     Update: Pacific Palisades Community Council

8.     Update: Staff

9.     Comments from Board Members

10.  Comments from the Chair Person

11.  Adjourn.






MINUTES OF THE October 22, 2014, MEETING






                        Meeting Date and Time:         October 22, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

                        Meeting Location:                   Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce,

                                                                        15330 Antioch Street, Pacific Palisades, CA


1.  Call to order: Barbara Kohn

Board Members in Attendance: Kelly Comras, Paul Darrall, David Hibbert, Barbara Kohn, Stuart Muller, and Donna Vaccarino. Harden Carter, Planning Department staff, did not attend.

Guests: None


2.  The October 8, 2014 Minutes were approved.


3.  Sarah is now posting the DRB Agendas on the Website. She will begin to post the Approved Minutes within the next couple of weeks. Each member will access the website by the end of the weekend and make suggestions to Sarah and Kelly for improvements.


4.  The TOPA plans for replacement of their parking kiosk were informally reviewed. Barbara Kohn sent a letter to the representative asking for clarification on details, and Paul followed up. See Appendix A.


5.  Stuart presented information on Temescal Canyon Road as part of the Pacific Palisades Scenic Highways. See Appendix B


6.  The meeting ended at 7:50 pm.

Next Scheduled Meeting: November 12, 2014

Notes prepared by Kelly Comras