• Chamber of Commerce (map)
  • Pacific Palisades, CA


1.     DRB: Call to order and introductions (Chair)

2.     Minutes: select a board member to take the minutes for September 10, 2014 meeting.

3.     Approve Minutes: August 27, 2014

4.     Public Comments

5.     Public Hearing Cases:  None

6.     Board Officers Elections

7.     Update: Design Guidelines Committee

8.     Update: DRB Website

9.     Update: Pacific Palisades Community Council

10.  Update: Staff

11.  Comments from Board Members

12.  Comments from the Chair Person

13.  Adjourn.



MINUTES OF THE September 10, 2014, MEETING



                      Meeting Date and Time:         September 10, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

                        Meeting Location:                   Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce,

                                                                        15330 Antioch Street, Pacific Palisades, CA

1.  Call to order: Rick Mills

Board Members in Attendance: Kelly Comras, Paul Darrall, David Hibbert, Barbara Kohn, Rick Mills, and Stuart Muller, and Donna Vaccarino. Harden Carter, Planning Department staff, and Sarah Griffen did not attend. Guests: Sue Pascoe.

2.  The August 27 Minutes were approved.

3.  Kelly and Barbara reported on the DGC meeting.

4.  Donna Vaccarino nominated Barbara Kohn for Chair, David Hibbert for Vice Chair, and Kelly Comras for Secretary. The slate was approved unanimously. Rick Mills will step down on September 30 and Paul Darrall will take his place.

5.  Barbara Kohn is exploring funding for the website from CD 11 and a grant from the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club. Rick submitted a review of DRG member Adam Christian’s draft of FAQs for the website and urged the DRB to review it, as well.

6.  The CEQA remediation plan for the Caruso property is now available to the public.

7.  The DRB/DGC will give regular updates at the PPCC meetings from now on.

8.  The meeting ended at 8 pm.

Next Scheduled Meeting: October 8, 2014

Notes prepared by Kelly Comras